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Lifted Up Living Faith Based Programs

*The Lifted Up Living programs are certified and approved with our local judicial, probation and child protective services agencies.  

52 Week - Certified Anger Management/Domestic                    Violence Batterers Treatment Program.

26 Week - Domestic Violence Victims Prevention                    and Support Group Program.

26 Week - Stepping Into Freedom Recovery &                          Relapse Prevention Program.

26 Week - Godly Parenting Program

12 Week - Healthy Living Academy

10 Week - Financial Freedom Money Management                   Academy 

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Enroll today in one of the Lifted Up Living Free Faith Based Programs. Our certified facilitators will lead you to learn new ways of Healthy Living for the Body, Mind & Soul. Breaking the chains of family dysfunction in order to Live Free for generations to come.  



For more information:

Call 760-344-0411 or 

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